Wanna Quit?

We've all been there..

You finally decided that you will try something new!

You're optimistic, you do everything right, try your best, and keep a positive attitude. You make the required sacrifices, tons of early mornings and sleepless nights, you keep pushing through even when things get hard, you pray, stay faithful, and make all sorts of changes to allow something new in your life. Weeks, months and maybe even years have gone by, and what do you have to show for all your hard work??


That's right, nothing has happened. You are no closer to finding the love of your life, landing the job of your dreams, and it seems as though everyone was right about being specific when you pray because while you asked the good Lord for that summer body, you weren't specific on which summer, and judging by your results, you're starting to believe he thought you meant the summer of 2025

So there you are, staring that fork in the road right in the face, trying to decide which way to go. These moments are painful, exhausting and frustrating. There comes a point when you fight so hard for what you want, only to find you aren't even half way up the mountain. In these moments, giving up starts to seem rational, sensible and even logical.

Why? because you've tried all your back up plans, you've been at a crossroads plenty of times before this and never gave up, you tried everything you know how to do and you still haven't gotten the result you want. You simply don't have the answers and quite frankly you are tired, and what do we do when we're tired? We go on vacation, and I know from where you are sitting that sunny resort island called Quittersville is feeling like a lot less hassle than this crap you're in.

But wait, because I have an alternative option... what if you just stopped?

That's right! stop what you are doing. When you can't go on any longer, stop and be still. I'm not telling you to give up... there is a distinct difference between giving up and stopping.

It's like a race. You start out full speed, but eventually you get tired and you have to slow down, sometimes you may have to stop and catch your breath before you can sprint again. 

Using the steps below I'm going to show you how stopping doesn't = giving up. In fact, it can be the natural next step to achieving your goals. So hold off on booking that vacation and read on...

Step 1:  STOP

There are moments where God wants us to stop, slow down, and re-direct. Sometimes the only way to get us to do that is to withhold the success that we want. When nothing you are doing is working, ask yourselves "Is there a different way I should be approaching this?" Keeping busy, for the sake of keeping busy can give us tunnel vision. What's the definition of insanity again?

Sometimes we need to stop and listen to God's guidance during our journey. Sometimes the path we are taking is one that won't lead us where we want to go. So when you are out of ideas, get silent with yourself and your creator, and be open to new possibilities.

Step 2: LISTEN

Ask him to guide you. Talk to God and tell him that you need his help, and that you won't take another step without his guidance. After that, shut up and LISTEN. Don't clog your head with busy work.  I am not saying be a lazy bum either, I am saying stop long enough to listen because you never know when the answer will come.

It may come to you while you are driving or in the shower, but keep your mind, heart and ears open.

Fair warning: When opening yourself up to listen you may hear something you don't want to hear. Your next step may be something that is totally out of your comfort zone, something that makes you feel anxious. It may be something you totally want to dismiss. Should those things happen, take it as a clear sign that these are the things you should be doing. Part of listening is accepting what you hear.... PERIOD


You may be asking "But what if I'm not sure if I am hearing what I think I'm hearing?" Which leads me to Step 3

Believe and watch the Lord deliver on your behalf

There is no such thing as coincidences! When it comes to the journey leading you to greatness, you have to trust that everything, good and bad, is part of the path to get you there. When you  can't bring yourself to try one more thing, don't beat yourself up. Sit there, even in your disappointment and say out loud "I am NOT going out like this"

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.
— 1 Corinthians 9:24

Crazy moment confession

There have been times where I was in tears due to my frustration and disappointment, and while crying my eyes out feeling like I wanted to give up, I'd say out loud "You are not giving up"

Yes I talk to myself, and sometimes you will too. Give yourself a pep talk. You may have to be the one to talk yourself back into believing even when you don't.

 God made you to win. All you have to do is stay in the game. Eventually, the road will stop leading to dead ends and you'll walk right up to your goal and say "What the heck took so long for you to show up!" You'll be exhausted, you will have made many sacrifices, and you will be a different person than you were when you stared..but one thing you won't be is broken

If you believe that this is true then how do you justify giving up? How do you justify not taking action towards the life you want to live?

Don't give up, don't walk away from your dream, but give yourself the space to regroup and catch your breath, and while you do........Stop, Listen, Believe, and then get back in the race!