Lesson's from the Weekend

One thing I know, If you want to have a major case of the Monday Blues, go out and have a kick ass weekend! 

This was me this weekend. Dancing, laughing, doing the cupid shuffle with not a care in the world, till tiny little subconscious feelings of sadness started to creep their way into my consciousness. I started to imagine the moment where I would click my heels three times and I'd be somewhere other than home.

This got me thinking...What does God really want us to do with these moments of joy. He knows we are going to be sad when they end... but what are we supposed to do with that?

And then my boyfriend's mother reminded me of this scripture

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens ~Ecclesiastes 3:1
Time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance ~Ecclesiastes 3:4 

And this got me thinking ..... I was so busy being sad that the weekend would end. That I was failing to honor the moment I had been given today, and that was the answer to the question

God wants us to listen.... stop thinking, stop trying to control and just listen and look for the lesson. When I took the time to do this, here is what I learned

If I had to describe this weekend in 3 words it would be Love, Wisdom & Faith.

I learned about FAITH- I attended by nieces college graduation. I believe that if there was a such thing as a faith-o-meter it would record breaking levels of faith at graduations. A sea of parents with equal levels of fear and joy on their hearts,  forced to rely on faith more and more as they learn to let go and allow their child to step into adulthood

I experienced LOVE- My boyfriend who has been away for work for 3 months came home Friday. I experienced the feeling of joy and excitement. I relished in true friendship and companionship. And most importantly I laughed and laughed and laughed some more

I witnessed WISDOM- I was blessed with the opportunity to celebrate my boyfriends grandmother's 90th Birthday where I learned 3 things you need to live a productive life from the birthday girl herself. I watched over 150 people honor her 90 years on this earth & the seeds which she has nurtured and tended to over the years. 

You see this weekend wasn't about me and my accomplishments. I was a spectator.... and sometimes that's what God needs us to be. This weekend was about truly feeling love and joy for the ways in which God has blessed those around me. This weekend was a chance for me to experience and witness the infinite reach of God's love. 

When you take a moment to reflect on your moments of joy it's important to honor it.

 Imagine presenting someone with their favorite flowers and they say

"I'm so depressed they are going to be dead in just a couple days"

Imagine how God feels when we spend our time dreading going back to work in the middle of an awesome weekend! He probably wants to shake us and say


Everything in your life serves God's purpose, and if you truly take the time consider what it is that God is saying to you through your experiences, you will find what I found.

This weekend was the classroom by which my teacher saw fit to teach me. This weekend was his gift to me, he gifted me with Love, Faith and wisdom and he presented me with these gifts in my favorite place....... Home.

So why do I share this with all of you? I share it because I know like me, many of you had an awesome weekend that you hoped would never end, and maybe like me, the thought of it ending brought you some early Monday Blues.... but I challenge you to think back on how you can honor that time, fill yourself up with the joy you felt in order to tackle your work today.