4 ways to Beat the Monday Blues before you get to the office!

“So we can feel sure and say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. People can do nothing to me’” Hebrews 13:6

Need some Monday morning inspiration?? Let's beat that Monday Blues before you even set foot in the office.

Chances are if you are feeling less than excited about the week ahead, you woke up this morning consciously or subconsciously thinking about all the things that make going to work a task. Sometimes we aren't even focusing on anything in particular, yet we find ourselves in a poor mood. I believe it's because we have conditioned ourselves to receive our Monday mornings with a lack of purpose & a plan.

Think about it......Monday's are our reset button, our fresh start. Who doesn't love a fresh start? It's our chance to make new decisions about the week ahead.

So put your boss, traffic, or that project on the shelf for a moment.  

In the morning when you wake up, you are not clocked in. You are on your time. Why not fill that time with something meaningful? Let's just agree that you won't be working for free this AM

Here's your plan of Attack: 4 things you can do before you leave your house that will definitely put you on the right path to welcoming Monday with a big fat high five!

1. Pray & Meditate

Just like everything else, prayer and meditation has gone mobile. This is so easy to do, yet we get going with our day never giving our mind a chance to rest, or our hearts a moment to connect. This is where gratitude comes in, take 5-10 minutes to feel gratitude. You can read more about why gratitude must be the foundation for which we begin our day in my first blog post,  7 days of gratitude.

Here are my favorite mobile apps that get me ready for the day ahead when I am short on time

2. Daydream & Indulge in positive content

What do you fill your mind with while you are getting ready in the morning?  

Start your day by dreaming. Yes, that's right dreaming. Although you are grateful for all the things in your life now, taking time to dream about the life you want can be the biggest motivator and believe it or not, it improves your mood

You can also supplement those dreams with inspirational content that will spark something inside of you to tackle those dreams. You can do this in the shower, while you have your morning coffee, or on the way to work. Keep a good play list or a motivational video at your disposal, take the time to get inspired.

I've inserted a video further down that totally counts as your positive content for the day. Plus reading this blog counts too so enjoy the extra credit!

 3. Step up your brand

Yes, you are a brand. The way you present yourself day in and day out tells a story about you without you ever having to open your mouth. What does your outfit say about the week you plan to have? It's true that when we feel we look good, there are positive impacts to our confidence levels, how we carry ourselves and how people perceive us. 

Quick test: Actually take the time to put some effort into your look this morning. If you get comments like

 "WOW why are you so dressed up!" (but inside you know aren't especially dressed up at all)

"Where are you going after work?"

"Are you dating someone new?"

"You must have an interview today"

These are red flags that you have seriously been slacking in the branding department. I am not saying that people shouldn't complement you, but I am saying that people should never be caught off guard or astonished that you took the time to look presentable.

4. Take Action

If you find yourself with a reoccurring case of the Monday Blues then you absolutely have to start redirecting those thoughts today, while taking action towards the life you want to live tomorrow. This is HUGE!


Taking steps towards living the life you dream of living is what will make your temporary situation bearable.  It gives you hope, and subconsciously you know that these circumstances are not forever

When you fail to take action towards your dreams, it's hard to imagine a way out. This can be depressing and before you know it you are back to going through the motions of your life, just existing. So if you feel the Monday Blues every Monday (or even most Mondays), then start making your exit plan and redefine Monday's as the first day back to dreaming and working towards your happiness.