What the heck is MODA MONDAYS?

Simply put, Monday's are usually the toughest day of the week for most people (myself included), So I got to thinking, how much better would my week be if I started my Monday's inspired and motivated about the potential blessings of the week ahead??

Insert MODA MONDAYS... this is the place where I get to kick off my week taking action towards my dreams by sharing the things that I hope will inspire you to build the life you've always dreamed of.

In my journey, I've met so many wise, driven people and I've realized two things. 

1. We can all learn from each other: Sometimes we think that we have to have it all together before we can lend our learnings to others. That couldn't be further from the truth. There is someone out there, at the stage you were in 1 year ago; and guess what? They are dying to hear what you did to get to where you are today. 

2. Something bigger than us is working: Most people understand that there is something bigger than them working in their life. I define that "something bigger" as the power of God, you may call it God, a higher power, the universe, etc, etc. The point is that I know you are reading this and there is something in your life you are ready to tackle. Something so big it scares the crap right out of you. My goal is to remind you every now and again that there is something 100 times more powerful than your fear and self doubt

MODA MONDAY is my personal journal on living in faith over fear. It's about feeding you real, honest learnings, and content that will hopefully inspire, teach, encourage and provide that good kick in the ass you need to tackle each day with all you've got.

So if you have been following CASA de MODA for a while or you are new to the brand, thank you for checking us out. Remember...sharing is caring so tell your girls about us, stick around and make your self comfortable, 

Afterall.... Mi CASA de MODA es su CASA de MODA


Jessica Lynn


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