"the unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or threat"  


It's true, fear can be a paralyzing emotion, keeping you stuck in the same place for days, years, or even a lifetime. But in a world where two seemly horrible words like "bad" and "bitch" have become the ultimate compliment when said together, I say "Screw you Webster's Dictionary! I make the rules and I will define fear for myself, thank you!"

 I can point to moments where fear has been the exact thing that has propelled me forward. It's all about your perspective. So here's a little Monday morning inspiration on how to redefine fear using the tips below and start to redirect, and get moving towards your dreams

STEP 1: Redefine Fear

Rewrite the definition. Write it in your journal, on your vision board, or in the notes section of your iPhone. When you feel fear creeping in read your definition to help you reset and refocus. For example:

Fear: The thing that gets my ass out of bed and pushes me to fight for my dream because the thought of having to sit next to Nancy from accounting one more day while she complains about how she hates leaving her cats at home, scares me way more than failure!

STEP 2: Redirect Fear

It doesn't matter if you are trying to get a raise at work, or dreaming of opening up a bed and breakfast on the Italian country side, you have to decide your faith in your dream is bigger than your fear of failing. Whenever I get caught up in my hamster wheel of fears and scary thoughts I do two things

imagine facing myself in 10 years:  

That's right, be accountable to yourself. You can always fool everyone else and tell them all the logical reasons why you decided not to go after it.  However deep down inside you'll know the truth. Do you really want to live life knowing you were afraid to bet on yourself? Were you so comfortable playing a part in someone else's dream that you couldn't bring yourself to step out and direct that energy to your happiness. I think not! So decide today that you and your happiness comes first. If you do, 10 years from now you'll be hitting the dab and giving yourself high fives for being such a visionary! 

Lean into Faith

God has blessed all of us with talents and gifts that we are obligated to share with the the world.

Yes. Obligated.

Our talents are meant to help, inspire and push each other forward. It doesn't matter how big or small your impact is on this world, God has cast lil ole me, and lil ole you, to have a role in his overall vision and purpose for mankind. Imagine having to tell him that you didn't have enough faith in his grace over your life. That thought pushes me past obstacles and barriers over and over again. So go ahead, imagine having that conversation with your creator... You'll be scared right into action before you know it

Step 3: Get moving

Ok, so you've redefined fear, and redirected your fear to scarier things other than your potential failure, now you can get moving!! I mean now. Don't wait, don't give yourself room to talk yourself out it. As you have been reading this post, I'm willing to bet there has been at least one thing that came to mind which you know you have been pushing off due to fear. Maybe getting to the gym, asking that special someone on a date, starting your crafting business, or nominating yourself to be the next Bachelorette.

Here's the deal.... what do you have to lose??

Really? If you take the first step and nothing happens from it, then you are no worse off than you are at this very moment.

So go! Commit!

Write down 3 things you want to do this week and do the first thing on that list right away. Know that with everything you do off that list you are taking steps further and further away from your fear. Eventually that fear will be a speck in your rearview mirror and before you know it you're so invested in making your dreams a reality that you'll find yourself yelling it from the mountain top



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