Turn off your GPS

I've been living in Dallas for a year now. I still don't really know my way around so anytime I go somewhere I always use my GPS. 

On one day in particular, I was going somewhere I'd been several times and decided I would go it alone and not use my GPS.

I wasn't totally comfortable. I got to a certain point and my mind was a little fuzzy on which way to go. I slow down trying to remember......"right or left"  I go even slower as I try to buy some time and quickly type the address in my GPS so Siri could just give me the answer. 

But time was up, and I went with my gut and made the left turn

Welp, nothing looked familiar, and just like that I was in this unknown place and I was completely turned around. I went to get my GPS going, and my favorite message popped up

"Loss signal, try again later"

You mean to tell me I am so lost, my GPS can't even help?? At this point I was annoyed and frustrated, but eventually something happened. 

I had fallen into the most beautiful tree lined streets with these amazing homes, and I was no longer worried about being lost. I kept turning up and down streets I had never been to because I wanted to see more.

Eventually I got to a street I had passed many times before but never drove down.  I knew it would run into the street I needed to get to, so off I went.... down another unknown path

Along the way I found a boutique I had been meaning to scout for my clothing line, stopped in, and got the buyers information. Found a coffee shop next door that has become one of my favorites to go to.  That day, in that coffee shop I worked for at least 2.5 hrs. Unplanned? Yes! Yet I was completely inspired by my day. 

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you. "  ~Psalm 32:8

Most of us start each day with a routine. A routine that doesn't even necessarily make us happy, but we do it because we are comfortable.

Eventually this routine becomes boring, and mundane. We just go through the motions and sometimes we don't even remember how we got from point A to point B because our routine doesn't breathe life into our day. We do it without even having to be conscious. 

I challenge you to turn off your internal GPS today. Allow yourself to get lost and stumble across the beauty & opportunities waiting just outside your door step. Allow yourself to experience all the things you miss, because you refuse to make a left when your GPS says right.

Like me, doing something different will be scary, annoying and frustrating because you'll feel lost.

But aren't we the most aware and alert when we are lost?  

And that my friends is where God does his best work.... because he ALWAYS steps in to guide us. He steps in where our personal GPS loses signal. 

Eventually we look up, and we realize we were never actually lost at all! He was leading us the whole time, leading us to the answers we've prayed for and new treasures we didn't even know we needed.

So, if you are looking for a way to beat the Monday Blues today

  •  Have the faith to turn off your boring "know it all" GPS and allow God to direct you today and throughout the week. 
  • Have gratitude in knowing this week has something new to offer you



Getting to the life you dream about, or simply  learning to live a happier life takes work. However there is happiness jam packed in the journey if you continue to live in a space of gratitude. The good news is all it takes are small steps to begin attracting new routes of happiness. Check out these examples

YOUR GPS SAYS: Check e-mail first thing in the morning
TURN LEFT: Write down your goals and journal for 15 min every morning
YOUR GPS SAYS: You eat lunch at your desk everyday
TURN LEFT: Take time to do something that inspires you like read a good book, dream big, or watch an inspirational video

My prayer  is that you take faithful action into doing something outside of your routine. That you open yourself up to uncovering your purpose, motivation and happiness. I pray that you remember that doing new things WILL make you uncomfortable. Find joy in knowing you are being lead by your creator. Therefore you can find excitement in knowing all roads lead to AWESOMENESS!!!!