Step 1: 7 Days of Gratitude

Show of hands... how many people's work week goes something like this?

Monday - "I hope no one talks to me before 4:45pm." 

Tuesday- "How did I end up here again today?" 

Wednesday - "Welp, might as well get some work done since it looks like I'll be here all week" 

Thursday- "Things are looking up, I can taste the weekend"

Fri-YAY!!!- "Good Morning world! I'm feeling productive and nothing can stop me"

Saturday- "Why can't everyday be Saturday?"

Sunday- "I can't believe tomorrow is Monday"

And so on and so forth, the cycle never ends.

Sometimes it's hard to get out of our funk and get real with ourselves about what is really standing in the way living our dream. 

Today I ask you to examine how you go into your Monday's. What's your spirit like? What are you attracting in the week ahead?

There are various reasons we start our week off with the Monday blues. Maybe you're no longer challenged at your job. You're in a rut, doing the same things week after week. In spite of that, something is telling you that there is more but you have no clue what that is or where to start.

Of course, if you could just get that raise at work, or drop 15 lbs, or meet that special someone you'd be little miss sunshine right?

WRONG.... the truth is you have to practice gratitude with the cards in your deck today. 

This doesn't mean be fake about loving your job, or pretending your boyfriend's obsession with Star Wars brings you joy like you've never experienced.

It means choosing to focus your energy on the things you are grateful for. You see, gratitude is the seed which fosters happiness. 

Consider this.....

Let's say for months you've been telling your husband how much you wish he would plan a romantic date night for the two of you. One day you come home from work, the smoke alarm is going non stop, there are half melted chocolates on the counter and 2 action movies sitting by the DVD player (wether or not people still rent DVD's is a discussion for another day, but you get it)

So What do you do?

Do you get disgruntled because he's had more than enough time to get this right. You've told him over and over again you hate action movies and your favorite flowers are lilies. On top of that you guys ended up ordering Pizza.... ugh!   

Or do you genuinely say thank you, and tell him how much you appreciate him, how happy you are that he tried, and suggest maybe skipping to dessert. (of course I mean baking cookies together!) 

The correct response seems obvious. Of course if you say thank you and show gratitude for his effort, he'd be more likely to keep planning romantic evenings for the two of you. 

And in the end, wouldn't that make you happier?

We've all heard you catch more bee's with honey than you do with vinegar. Yet we don't apply this to our day to day lives. We start our day indifferent, angry, negative, or we just become robots going through the motions. Yet we somehow expect great things to just magically appear. Or even worse we give up on the possibility that something more fulfilling is out there for us. 

So step 1 to leading the life you've always dreamed is to

1. Snap out of it

2. Decide firmly

3. Do something different (Hint hint: like the #7daysofgratitude)

4. Get Your Mind Right!

Step 1: Gratitude

Gratitude always attracts more to be grateful for. The more grateful you are the happier you become. It gives you the room to be patient because you are faithful in knowing that the tides will change, and amazing things will begin pouring into your life. Gratitude is a reminder that whatever isn't right about life today, will eventually pass

" I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength."
~Philippians 4:12-13

7 Days of GRATITUDE: 

So here it can do anything for 7 days, right? What do you go to lose?

Make time everyday this week to write down 3 things you are grateful for. Doesn't matter how big or small, mediate on it until you experience the joy you felt when it happened.  Allow yourself to experience that moment and let that feeling carry you through your day.

Short on time? That's ok. Maybe you tweet every morning or post on Facebook or Instagram. Be intentional this week. Instead of posting about the 90 year old lady who took 15 minutes to get over on the freeway, snap a video of you taking your kiddos to school and tell us how thankful you are that you get to do that. While you are at it use the #7daysofgratitude

Put a post-it on your computer screen, the dash of your car or set a reminder in your phone. Watch your post in the middle of the day if you need something to bring you back to the space of gratitude. Most importantly pick one friend to share this with. Make them your accountability partner. Share with them any changes you experience as a result. 

I will be doing this along with you and sharing it on Instagram (@thejessicawhite) & Facebook and Twitter. (see social links below) copy me on your posts and use the #7daysofgratitiude. 

My prayer is that we take an active part in EXPERIENCING our week. That through our experience, we build a sense of awareness around the things that truly fuel our soul. That we begin to intentionally attract more of what inspires us and moves us towards happiness.

Remember the 1st step to achieving your goals and living the life you've dreamed of is to first get your mind right. It won't be easy, and if you aren't prepared and trained to be grateful with what you have, you will give up before you ever achieve what you don't

Have a blessed and fruitful week


Need some extra motivation to start to your week of gratitude? Check out this funny, yet thought provoking TED talk on happiness.