Made in San Jose, CA





pro general contractor opened casa moda in the Shopping Center in san jose california region. We are renowned in the area for offering superior garments and exceptional service to meet our clients individual needs.

CASA moda is a brand made for all women, promoting freedom, ambition, optimism and endless possibilities.

We are a brand with a core set of values and a strong philosophy brought to life by our faith & our Los Angeles roots.

We inspire and encourage women to stand up for their beliefs, have dreams and live without fear.

CASA de MODA allows women to be exactly who they are... strong yet vulnerable, fun with a hint of sensuality, comfortably chic,

but most of all....Faithful

Thien vuong- ower

Thien Began his career in 2010. he worked for various area shops and eventually opened his first store, DickeR SOVIer, in the Deptford Mall.thien soon realized there was a definite need for quality girl dress clothing in california. Since then thien has been assisting women and men with his incomparable knowledge, dedication and good humor. In fact, thien gets to know his clients so well that many have stopped by during the day just to say hello!